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Novi marketinški mediji
In: Osnove marketinga / Dobrinić, Damir (Ed.). Split: 2010. pp. 323-331. urn:nbn:hr:211:329534

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Dobrinić, D. (2010). Novi marketinški mediji. In D. Dobrinić, (Ed.), Osnove marketinga (pp. 323-331). Retrieved from

Dobrinić, Damir. "Novi marketinški mediji." Osnove marketinga, edited by Damir Dobrinić, 2010, pp. 323-331.

Dobrinić, Damir. "Novi marketinški mediji." In Osnove marketinga, edited by Damir Dobrinić, 323-331. 2010.

Dobrinić, D. (2010) 'Novi marketinški mediji' in Dobrinić, D. (ed.) Osnove marketinga pp. 323-331. Available at: (Accessed 26 February 2024)

Dobrinić D. Novi marketinški mediji. In: D. Dobrinić, ed. Osnove marketinga. 2010. Pp. 323-331. [cited 2024 February 26] Available at:

D. Dobrinić, "Novi marketinški mediji", Osnove marketinga, D. Dobrinić, Ed. 2010, pp. 323-331. [Online] Available at:

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